6 Best Python IDEs for Windows to Make You More Productive

An Integrated Development Environment or an IDE is an essential tool a programmer would ask for. If you are using Python, then you must be familiar with the fact that there are so many options available for Python IDEs and selecting one which suits your work environment and fits your requirements is not an easy task. You might feel difficulties deciding from the Best Python IDEs available on the internet.

A beginner can start with a basic text editor, but if you are working on it for a little longer, you can feel the importance of the tools which you find in an IDE instead of a general text editor. A right IDE boosts your work efficiency and productivity in any programming.

With this article, we have tried narrowing your efforts by selecting the 6 Best Python IDEs for Windows.

6 Best Python IDEs for Windows

#1 PyCharm

PyCharm is the most loved and used IDE for Python among developers. It is created and maintained by JetBrains which is renowned for making remarkable IDEs and developer tools. JetBrains is well known for making real developer’s stuff rather than the academicals, and this makes PyCharm, the most trusted best Python editor for professionals. PyCharm has an advance commercial edition packed with tons of professional features as well as a free community edition which also has most of the essential functions.

Features which make PyCharm the Best IDE for Python includes

  • Tons of plugins and integrated terminals.
  • Intelligent code completion
  • PEP-8 checks and recommendations improve the code quality.
  • Intuitive Project navigation.
  • Graphical debugger and test runner.
  • Smart Refactoring
  • Database Support
  • Remote Development Capabilities
  • Web development framework support
  • Version control
  • It supports numerous of Python libraries
  • On-the-fly error checking and quick-fixes
  • Code folding
  • Unit Testing
  • Line Numbering

#2 Eclipse with Pydev

Eclipse is a powerful, versatile and well-known IDE which is serving the programmers for quite a long time. The Pydev plugin is the IDE for Python in Eclipse. Aleks Ttotic created it in 2004 and now maintained by Fabio Zadrozny. Pydev. It is one of the best open – source IDE for Python which is fully packed with the powerful features of Python programming. The best part of it which makes it loved by masses is that Pydev has always been upgraded with latest features and is very lightweight.

Some of the features which makes it worth using are

  • Django integration
  • Multilanguage support
  • Bracket matching
  • Code analysis
  • Integrated python debugging
  • Auto code compilation
  • Smart indent
  • Error markup
  • Code templates
  • Source control integration
  • Code folding
  • Unit test integration
  • UML editing and viewing

#3 Wing IDE

Wing IDE is a commercial IDE developed by Wingware. It is a completely Python-only IDE known for its powerful debugger. Wing IDE comes with different versions which include a personal edition, a free of cost edition and a great fully professional edition. It is one of the best Python IDE for professional developers with its awesome features, some of which includes

  • It provides almost every feature and Python development tools for programming in Python.
  • It is fast and works with latest versions of Python.
  • It is known for its powerful built –in debugger which has features like auto child process debugging, code stopping, breakpoints, multiprocess debugging, debugging of threaded code inspection, remote and local debugging, graphical debugging.
  • It supports a huge number of Python frameworks.
  • It is very flexible for code management.

#4 Komodo IDE

From the house of ActiveState, Komodo is a cross-platform IDE. Python is one of the many languages which this IDE supports. However Komodo is commercial IDE, but Komodo Edit is an open – source free version of it. Komodo Edit targets the institutions for use in teaching whereas the commercial IDE is professional one which is also available for students with a heavy discount. Komodo IDE’s features for Python includes

  • Auto completion
  • Bracket matching
  • Integrated debugger
  • Source control integration
  • Code templates
  • Error markup
  • Unit testing
  • Built in FTP client helps in accessing remote files.
  • It supports most of the tool sets for Python programming
  • Easy access to the tools you need while coding.

#5 Eric Python IDE

Eric Python IDE is an open – source Python editor and IDE by Detlev Affenbach. It is a full-featured, cross-platform Python IDE.  If you are in search of a great python editor for windows Eric Python IDE can be your choice. It is designed in a way that everyone can use it whether they are students, beginners or professionals. It can be used for teaching purpose as well as fully professional development purpose with its numerous professional features. It is purely written in Python and is based on QT GUI toolkit and integrates Scintilla editor control.

Some of the important features of Eric Python IDE are noted below

  • It supports features like Bracket matching, Error highlighting, Syntax highlighting and auto completion.
  • Class browser, profiling, folding highlights, code coverage and other basic features are available in it.
  • The features which make it compete with the others great Python IDEs as PyCharm and Wing IDE include
  • Interactive Python shell
  • Rope Refactoring
  • Integrated task management
  • Integrated unit test support
  • It can launch third party apps in itself
  • Project management capabilities
  • Core plugins for Regex and Qt dialogs
  • Version control
  • Multilingual UI
  • Integrated spell check library

#6 Sublime Text 3

If you are a beginner in Python programming then using a text editor would be better. No doubt Sublime text is the most loved text editor in the developer’s community and can serve as a great Python text editor. This lightweight, cross-platform editor has so many features which make it everyone’s favourite. Some of these features are

  • Go to anything
  • Command palette
  • Distraction free mode
  • Multiple selection
  • Split layout with which we can arrange our files in split sections on screen
  • When we open the editor it automatically reopens all the files and folders which were open last time to make it convenient working on the projects.
  • Different tabs make it easy to edit and navigate different files simultaneously.
  • It is known for its speed and easy user interface and has a large community support.
  • The numerous of plugins help it have virtually any feature of other editors and IDEs.
  • Out of the box Python support with built in Python interpreter, highlights and compilation.
  • Anaconda Python IDE is the plugin which turns it into a full – fledged Python IDE.

Sublime can also be used as an IDE that is why it is here in the list of Best Python IDEs for Windows.

These were our handpicked “6 Best Python IDEs for Windows”. The features we have noted are only a few of the great features of these IDEs; you can explore much more while using these on yourself. You can choose the one which best suits your requirements and comfort. If you have some other good options, you can share in the comment section. Stay tuned for our next posts and tutorials.

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  1. Hi Swati, my name is Abubakar from Nigeria. I have been a microcontroller programmer for some years and also with little java programming knowledge. I want to jump in to Python but don’t really know which IDE to use for coding confortability. Can you give me your own advice. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. As of 2019 the world is switching to vscode, the python extension has 54 mill downloads. MS is hiring lots of python developers making it a tier one language within MS


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