Best Python Frameworks To Learn In 2018

Hey Python Developers, are you ready for making web applications in python and yet  worried about selection of best frameworks? So here we will discuss about some best python frameworks that you can learn. But before proceeding first of all we will learn about what is framework and why it is used in web applications development?

What is Framework?

Framework is a combination of two words

Frame + work

Best Python Frameworks

  • So think about a frame and in a frame what will you do?
  • If it is a photo frame, you will put a photo this means a photo which is going to put inside this frame has to be definite size and definite shape otherwise that will not fit inside this frame.
  • Therefore it means you are doing some work inside the frame.

But we are talking about the frameworks like a web framework.

best python frameworks
best python frameworks

Furthermore, So what we do in a framework, we do coding this means whenever we write some code in a framework you have a specific skeleton predefined. So this is actually a framework.

What Exactly a Web Framework

  • Arrangement in which software provides greater functionality that can be extended by additional reader written codes.
  • It allows standard way of creating applications.
  • It has many functions which are reusable.

What frameworks Do

  • Simplify the process of creating web applications.
  • Saves time.

Why we use Framework

  • Not start from scratch.
  • Hiding startup things like creating autoload files,session files, index files etc.
  • It gives awesome functionality to process requests that means the routing system.
  • It follow the latest patterns.
  • Attaching great third party packages/resources.

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Python Frameworks

As a result,Now we will discuss about Python Frameworks.So guys, as we know python is a growing language in web application development.Many companies uses python for web application development because it has excellent features, easy to use and easy to understand.

There are many python web frameworks are available and almost all are good and user friendly.Consequently, python has many frameworks that speedup the development process and save time and money.

Types of Python Frameworks

Python frameworks have two types:

  1. Full-Stack frameworks These types of frameworks provide you all the codes such as form generation, templating layout, form validation etc.Therefore, you have to just arrange the things according to your requirement. For eg. Django, TurboGears, Web2py etc.
  2. Microframeworks- These types of frameworks provide you only some codes.If you want to make a full featured application then you have to add lots of codes by yourself.These are suitable for mainly small applications. For eg. Flask, Bottle, cherrypy, etc.

Best Python Frameworks To Learn In 2018

#1 Django

Whenever we talk about python frameworks Django strikes quickly in our mind.Yes this is because of its popularity and excellent features.

  • It is a high level framework that provides almost all tools and user have not to code so much.
  • This was named after the guitarist Django Reinhardt.
  • It is an open source web framework that follows the “Don’t Repeat Yourself” principle.

In addition, if you want to learn Django then follow then you can start here: Python Django Tutorial for Beginners – Getting Started


  • Object-Relational Mapper (ORM) that define data model entirely in python.
  • Tight Integration between components
  • Automatic administration interface
  • Multi lingual support
  • Rapid development
  • Provide tons of packages
  • Secure, scalable and versatile

Big players who uses Django

  • Instagram
  • Disqus
  • Pinterest
  • Mozilla etc

Database supported

  • SQLite
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle

#2 API star

  • API star is a new python framework.
  • It is designed for python 3.
  • This is a very smart web api framework due to this it is mostly used framework.
  • It is mainly designed for building APIs while also capable of building web application.


  • Support for ORM and SQLAlchemy
  • promotes an API-first design
  • Automatic schema documentation
  • Provide type hints and asyncio
  • Expressive

#4 Cherrypy

  • Cherrypy is another best framework of  python.
  • It is more than 10 years old.
  • It has a clean interface and also an open source, minimalist python framework.
  • Hence Web development using cherrypy is much same as any other object oriented program.
  • As a result, many companies are using cherrypy for a decades and finally 2018 will be the another year too.


  • Provide flexible plugin system
  • Runs on python 2.7+ , 3.1+, PyPy , jython and Android.
  • Built-in profiling, coverage and testing support.
  • swappable and customizable

Big players who uses Cherrypy

  • Netflix
  • MROP supply
  • cherry music
  • Aculab cloud

Database Supported

  • SQLAlchemy
  • SQLObject
  • MaxDB
  • Oracle etc

#5 Web2Py

  • Web2py is an another  open source, full-stack  framework.
  • It was specially designed as teaching tool.
  • Web2py provide facilities to build dynamic web content.
  • It has its own IDE.
  • It does not support python3.


  • Readability of multiple protocols
  • Data security
  • Error tracking, thorough error logging and ticketing
  • Provide internationalization
  • No need of installation and configuration
  • Rapid development.

Big players who uses Web2py

Database supported

  • Microsoft SQL server
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL etc

#6 TurboGears

  • TurboGears is the most popular python framework rather than others.
  • It follows the  model–view–controller (MVC)  architecture.
  • Therefore TurboGears makes web development more easier and faster.
  • It has user friendly templates.
  • It is a hybrid web frameworks that means acting both as a full-stack framework or as a microframework.


  • Support multiple database
  • Provide command line tools
  • Function decorator facility
  • A new widget system to make building AJAX heavy apps easier
  • Powerful ORM
  • Horizontal data partitioning

Big players who uses TurboGears

  • Kamisons – South Indian and Arab eCommerce
  • StreetViewIndia – Website to enjoy views of India from your own room
  • Noodle NG – A web search engine for local smb/cifs network shares (Windows/Samba).
  • IMH – A meal planning website etc

Database supported

  • SQLAlchemy.
  • SQLObject

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#7 Flask

  • It is a micro web framework.
  • It doesn’t require any specific tools or libraries.
  • Flask is a lightweight design therefore developers prefer it.
  • Its main aim to build solid web application.
  • It is one of the most popular python framework.


  • Secure cookies provision
  • Compatibility of Google App Engine
  • Support development server and debugger
  • Uses jinja2 template
  • RESTful request dispatching
  • 100% WSGI 1.0 compliant
  • HTTP request handling

Big players who uses Flask

  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Community webpage of flask

Database Supported

  • SQLDbAdapter
  • MongoDbAdapter
  • DbAdapters

So, friends this is the complete Best Python Frameworks To Learn In 2018 tutorial.As a result , i hope this will definitely help you in selection of best python framework. So, share this post as much as possible.Thank you.

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